Welcome to the Quilt Show

This summer I have done quite a bit of driving around ON. On one of our family trips I was lucky and got to visit a Quilt Show. All of the quilts were absolutely stunning - so much work and love poured into making those. We got to walk around, look at the quilts and vote for the best one, it was a lot of fun! I also got to talk to some of the quilters, very kind and talented ladies. 

When we first got to the show in the first room there were items for sale, baby quilts, handmade baby toys, bags, bowl cozies - a lot of different beautiful things. Here is what really struck me; my daughter saw these really cute wall hangings, they were 24" blocks with cats and each of them had a different cat. When I saw them I immediately recognized them as I have one of those and it is almost finished I just need to put binding on it (just need to find the time). Anyway, at first I thought, wow what a coincidence they have these exact same blocks from the same collection, but then my daughter started asking if she could get one and this is when I realized they were only $15 each! $15! Even my husband made a comment - wow, they are worth a lot more than that. I think the one that I am making I paid $28 for; it came as a kit with pattern and fabric for the top, I had to get batting and backing for it. Needless to say we bought one and paid a little more for it, because we felt that $15 was totally unfair. My daughter absolutely loved it!

The following day my mother-in-law came to visit, she is an avid quilter and as soon as she heard there was a quilt show she wanted to go. (As soon as my daughter heard we were going she started asking to get her another kitty) Yay, I got to go again and see all the beautiful work! That day was the last day and it was only half day. Well, when we walked in a lot of the items in that first room were sold and they only had one last cat block left, but guess what - everything was marked 50% off so it was only $7.50! Yes, we got it of course and now they are both being very well loved by my daughter. Some of the quilts at the show were for sale as well, and most of them were priced way way below what they were worth. It made me a little sad - so many hours of work, so much love, dedication patience and priced so low. Of course I understand that for most it is a hobby and is quite enjoyable, but I still believe that it deserves to be reimbursed well. I chatted with some of the quilters and they told me they were trying to raise money for the local hospital. I really think it is a great cause and a very nice gesture! 

How many of you sell your beautiful quilts? What has your experience been?


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