Table top

What has everyone been up to? I've been quite busy with the fabric these days trying to expand and grow as much as I can. New year means new fabric releases from all the companies, so hard to choose what to bring in and what to leave behind! Anyway, I was able to find a few hours here and there and finally made this table top I have been planning to make for a long time. By no means it is perfect, and I got a lot of help from my 5 year old, but I just love the colour pop :)

Picking the fabric

Getting the diamonds cut

Piecing the triangles together - that was a lot of fun

More piecing :)

Piecing the top together, it's coming together yay!

I should have taken a couple of pictures putting the binding on and quilting the top, but I guess I forgot. I was really rushing at that point to finish it that evening, but here it is ( wish I had taken better pictures of it before gifting it)



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