Little designer

This is the post I have been meaning to write many months ago, but I am finally doing it now. As many of you know I have a now 6 year old daughter Rebecca and she is the reason for the store name. I jokingly call her the CEO. Up until very recently she paid very little attention to what is happening in the store unless it was a pretty fabric that caught her eye. Then most of the time she would request something made out of it. I actually bought her a kids' sewing machine as a starter one because she got all excited and wanted to make little blankets for her dolls last year. She made a pillow for one of her stuffed animals and a couple of other crafts.

Rebecca has always been extremely artistic. She has this talent (definitely not from me) where she can draw amazing pictures. She's always been drawn to art and it is really something she can be doing for a very long time by herself. I asked her once if she would like some of her art printed on fabric; she got really excited about the idea! She did not know it was possible! She has a couple of these truly amazing pictures that I thought would be great on fabric, but she had a different vision. My daughter went around the store looking at many different fabric designs and then told me she wanted to create a collection. She did a couple of sketches last spring just for that purpose. Problem is being a kid she depends on me to make her sketches computer friendly and then get them printed and I am not very quick at that. My hope is that all of her little collection can be printed soon, but so far we have the very first one sitting on the bolt!  

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