Adoption update

Hi All,

I am sorry I have neglected this blog for a really really long time. Truth is once Covid hit overnight I found myself doing jobs of easily 4 people, and as I got so tied up doing that I did not have any minute to spare. Poor excuse I know, but nevertheless here I am trying to catch up.

I have so many things I want to write about that I don't even know where to start. A lot of you have reached out to me asking to update about the adoption, so I am going to post a little update here now and try to answer all the questions.

Many have asked about covid and travel and how that played a role into it. Covid caused us significant delays, but we got lucky still. We were supposed to have court in March and bring our son home April 2020, but March was when things started to close down so our court date got cancelled without a new date in sight. It was extremely difficult as we really wanted to bring our son home before his third birthday in June (he really needed out ASAP) and living without a new date was difficult. Fast forward we got a new court date in June 2020 when things started to ease off a little but after that we were still not allowed to travel due to Covid restrictions. Finally one day I got a very unexpected call "you have to go next week, buy your tickets now!" said the agency owner on the phone to me. It was a true window of opportunity, it would mean that our trip was going to be a minimum of 3 weeks or a month instead of a week because we would be required to quarantine once we land in Bulgaria before we would be able to see our son. Then of course same quarantine rules applied on the way back to Canada. I did not know how I was going to leave my 5 year old for almost a month and a busy fabric store. Luckily my mom was very understanding and helpful, she's offered to do it all. 

We quickly got the first available tickets we could get and were on our way to Bulgaria. The day we were at the airport we got another phone call. Bulgaria had just lifted quarantine rules for certain countries and Canada was on the list, Yay! No quarantine once we are there! That was the best news we could possibly hear, that meant we would have to change our return tickets. We got to Bulgaria on Sunday ( airlines managed to lose our stroller, it went elsewhere, but they found it and brought it to us the following day). We picked up our son on Monday and then we spent the following 10 days waiting for all his documents to come and trying to arrange a flight back home. We spent 2.5 weeks in Bulgaria then came back home and quarantined for another 2 weeks. We were so lucky we had that window to get him because a month or so after we came back everything came to holt again with another wave of covid and restrictions coming back into place.

Our son has just turned 4 last week and all is well!  



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