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Today I thought I would let you in and show you around the actual BecksFabrics "store". Originally it all started in my house in what was supposed to be the dining room. Previous owners of the house created an extra wall and door changing the open layout of the house to create a separate room with the door that they turned into their office - that used to be a dining room. I thought it would be a perfect place to start BecksFabrics! It is private and separate from the rest of the house, the door can be kept closed at all times. I wanted to keep the fabric behind the doors and so I got these cabinets - they were not easy to find as the shelves needed to be adjustable to accommodate the height of the bolts. It started with one cabinet and slowly turned into the wall full of them :)

Fabric cabinets

This is inside one of the cabinets

Inside the fabric cabinet

This is the cutting table during the re-arrangement

Cutting table at BecksFabrics

Later I realized that I did not have enough space if I wanted to keep growing BecksFabrics. Besides the cabinets I had boxes all over the floor and it became a real struggle to get the fabric out! I was on the look out for a new storage solution or perhaps moving the whole store downstairs to my basement (where I already had some overflow fabric). I was planning my big move downstairs and getting all the courage to do so when my awesome husband found these perfect shelves for me!

Not only I did not have to move downstairs, but it eliminated all the boxes off my floor, and I could have twice as much fabric in the room - truly amazing, not to mention I have a lot more room to fit more of these shelves. Everything is easily accessible and easy to find. Perfect way to spend Mother's Day afternoon - re-arranging the fabric and placing new fabric on display :) This is one of them when I first started placing the fabric there.

Fabric shelves at BecksFabrics

Happy Mother's Day to all the amazing mothers out there!



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    I just found this store…..love your fabrics!

  • So lovely to hear your story. And wonderful to have such a great on-line Canadian fabric store!

  • Would like to be on your email list thanks

  • Awesome, thanks for the peek

    Karen Booth

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