Fabric, fabric and..... maybe more fabric?

If you are like me you probably have a drawer full of patterns and projects that you put away hoping to work on them soon. I have quite a few that I really want to start, but find there is never enough time to do that. Then when I come across yet another pattern I like I try to tell myself that I do not really need it and that I already have quite a few at home, but often time I just cannot resist - I will retire eventually, right? :)

I really love Jaybird Quilts, there is just something about all those shapes. Well, I decided to carry them in my BecksFabrics store! I also love their sidekick ruler,and yes it will also be available soon. Stay tuned, I am planning on listing those very soon. In the meantime let me know if I am the only crazy person with all the projects and patterns I am planning on doing eventually, and if you hoard them just like I do, where do you keep them all? Do you pre-select all your fabric and then stash it away, or do you just put the project/pattern away hoping to get all the material once you actually start working on it?



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